Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Clearing the house (mobile blog)

This week has seen me create a mountain instead of climbing one..
We've had the house insulated, but it's meant clearing the loft...
Most of the crap was kindly left to us by the previous owners.. God knows how long it's been there cos we've lived here for nine years!
It's taken two weekends of hard graft to empty the loft, sort out what we want to keep and get rid of the rest. I was going to get a skip for it, but a standard six ton skip is now £115!!!
I offered forty quid to my sister's fella to come over with his minivan and help me tip it instead.

If you ever have to use the tip at Ravenfield, then save your self some time. Walk in and lamp the mustashioed tit and save yourself an argument with a bureacratic idiot.. Sort it into fourteen different containers - fine. Get a 'permit' to get rid of your rubbish. Fine..
Do all this and then get told you can't throw away your rubbish because someone filed the permit (he know's you have) to the wrong site?.. I was not happy....