Thursday, 14 April 2011

Review: Decathlon T2 Ultralight Pro Tent.


Hello to all. I’m sorry for the brief absence, but I’ve been parenting and other things that have swallowed all my time over the last week or so.

You are still here though, and that’s all that matters.


The topic for today is a cracking piece of kit for the money, the T2 Pro.




I got this tent on the strength of recommendations of several Formers, most notably a gent who goes by the name of Twiglegs.

The tent, marketed as a 2 man is really for one and a half. It is cavernous for me and comfy for me and my 8yr old but it would be, umm… Snug for 2 adults.

It’s pitched all in one which is an advantage in Britain's weather, as you wont get the inner wet when pitching. It weighs 2Kg which is light for the price range and after you’ve put it up and down a couple of times, it can be pitched in about five mins. Needing 4 pegs for the tent itself, 3 for the guy’s and 2 more to tension the inner. The 2 poles are made from alloy and after having being tested to destruction I can confirm they break at the sacrificial points at the joints and take a big load (i.e. having a big 7yr old trip over and stand/land on the pole itself.. Cheers again for that me boy).

It’s black in colour throughout, with some orange trim. I like this, as it means I’m not rudely awakened as 4:57 when the sun puts in an appearance. It also means little torchlight escapes out of the tent and it disappears at night (handy for wild camps).

The tent has fixed venting, A large triangular vent at the narrowest end and a half moon at the door end in the inner. The outer has the same triangular vent, but then has a roof vent above the door.


The inner has 2 large pockets. Phone, GPS, torch, book, glasses, wallet, cigarettes and lighter are swallowed up with room to spare. If I’m camping on my own, there is plenty of room for all my gear and rucksack in the inner with me, should I want it in there. The inner can be detached if that’s your thing, allowing you to use this as a fancy tarp, dry the inner before packing (and it dries quickly, being black) or separate it in your rucksack for packing.


(I have heard people say they don’t like the tent for this very reason, That the colour depressed them and it made them feel claustrophobic.. I have never felt this way. It maybe worth keeping in mind though as a 1 or 2 man tent will be a small tent).

When pitched the tent is tall enough that my head presses a little against the inner when I sit straight. It’s comfortable to sit on the inner, with your legs out, for cooking or chatting with mates. I have ended evenings before, sat in the porch, chatting to mates, making a brew as people start to bed down.


The Fly (outer skin) has good clearance all round, though if it’s not taught when pitched (or has several inches of snow on it, it will sag (and the inner sags with it), reducing room inside. The porch is plenty big enough to have gear in and cook in it. Although you have the roof vent, the outer zip will open from the top allowing more venting options.

It packs small and the bag provided has enough space to allow easy packing, even when the tent is wet and your hands are cold. It also has two buckles to cinch it smaller. the instructions are clear, easy to follow and are stitched into the bag itself. It also comes with 2 spare pegs ( and for standard pegs, theses are great all round pegs, though i would have liked cord loops to help pull them back out the next day. There’s also the now obligatory emergency pole sleeve so a break doesn’t have to end the trip.


This tent has been out in deep snow, baking sunshine, left out in the garden for a week, run over by my kid, and I’ve always had a good nights sleep in it. The vents are just right for year round use and the tent sits low enough that spin drift has never been an issue. I’m dubious about how it would perform in an exposed position in very strong winds. It’s been out in strong wind, with a bit of shelter and I still slept well, with no issues.


If you’re looking for a small, light, easy to use tent for less than £100, then there are not many alternatives as good as this.