Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tent pole misery...

I suppose it had to happen sometime. I thought it'd be out in the hills though.

Last night i put the tent up in the back garden for Ben. I do this every now and again if i think he needs a bit of quality time.
I had pitched everything earlier and was just unpacking the sleeping bags. Ben came out with his water bottle. He ran back to the house for something else..
And ran straight over the tent!
I eventually managed to find words that were not profane, grabbed the repair sleeve and we bedded down for the night.

I made the call to decathlon today. They were helpful and clued up. The replacement poles are priced reasonably and although they have to be ordered, they'll be here for my birthday.
So, all together not as bad as i expected. 

Cheers to decathlon Sheffield and the lady who helped - Thanks Helen.