Wednesday, 6 July 2011

News: THE next big thing in outdoor clothing?


Have you ever heard of Jason Locklin? No? me neither.. He’s a researcher for theJasonLocklin_UGa University of Georgia and he may have just made a quantum leap for outdoor clothing.

He’s discovered a way to make an anti microbial treatment that doesn't wash out, even on a hot wash cycle. So you're socks will stay fresh and you should be able to whip off your shirt, wash your pits, shirt back on and into the pub.

Apparently the technology is also re-applicable, so if it’s removed by abrasion, you should be able to re-treat your clothes.


Even more interestingly but seemingly down-played, it’s stated that: "It can change a material’s optical properties—color, reflectance, absorbance and iridescence and make it repel liquids. All without changing other properties of the material.” (Gennaro Gama, UGARF senior technology manager).

How true all this remains to be seen, but if it is as good as they say, there could be a serious new player on the the market in the next couple of years.. If the tech isn’t picked up by another company…