Friday, 3 October 2008

About Moi.

Hi! Someone has gently mentioned that this all seems a bit impersonal, so i thought I'd fill you in about me. I live In Rotherham, (contrary to what Jaimie Oliver wants you to think, I can cook. Rather well.. I don't live in a burnt out Victorian terrace with a pit bull and have "love" and "Hat" on my knuckles.. (It is commonly believed that anyone who has this tattoo immediately loses a finger in an industrial accident.. and you thought I'd just misspelled hate..)) I have the Pennines within a short drive and Edale is about an hour away in the car. The part of Rotherham I live in is fairly rural with woodland and farms within sight of most of the windows in the house. I keep no pigeons, nor do I have a whippet. I work in Sheffield for a well known Bank and Because of this and years of education I am able to count up to and beyond nine (see love and hat comment above). I drive an old 1.1l Saxo which enables me to park with little fear anywhere in the city. I have had notes from car thieves asking me to upgrade, but i have ignored these to-date. I love (apart from being out doors), films, music and gadgets. The reason for this Blog is to track my adventures and misfortunes as i learn and train to 'do' the Pennine way in a couple of years.. If anyone wants to ask anything or has suggestions/ improvements, feel free to leave comments.. ;) Thanks, T.