Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Why do I want to do the pennine way?

Why am I doing it?
I'm not entirely sure. It's one of those idea's that just won't leave me alone. I have become almost obsessive about it, reading other peoples stories about when they did it, Contemplating which bits of kit to take with me, how long I'm planning to take etc. Maybe it's because I've never really achieved anything that really means something. I know I'm a good father and I'm not too bad at being a husband, but they are everyday things and family has always been important to me.

My job does not really challenge me. I sit at my desk every day and talk to people, try to solve their problems (which is nice) and do "would you like fries with that" add-on sales (which destroys my soul one tiny chunk at a time). This is not something that I will be remembered for, nor should I be...

Am I doing this so that my family in generations to come will say, "grandad walked 270 miles"? No.

I guess I feel drawn to it, as I mentioned earlier I tend to daydream about my walk. A Doctor might say that It is drawn from a need to prove myelf and distance myself from my working life and I guess this is true, but not right.

I am doing the pennine way, because I want to and that is reason enough for me.