Monday, 13 April 2009

Where to start?

The weather has started to improve and we are starting to see the first glimmer of summer. This raises the question of where am I going to go this year? I see many recommendations, most are Welsh or Scottish mountains. These seem exciting, but I'm not sure I'm fit enough for one of these. Besides, I cant even pronounce most of these, so don't ask me to write them here. They look amazing, but as I'd have to travel hundreds of miles just for a night.... It just seems a bloody long way to go for a day out.
I have no doubt I'll be off tramping around the peaks and quite fancy going to see the crashed bomber on Bleaklow.
I just want to get out.. I get like this.. I'm the sort of person who bottles things up.. Anger and frustrations and so on. Getting 3 sheets to the wind a couple of times a year was my release valve, and I found that being in the hills also has the same effect, allowing me to get rid of these tensions, without killing my liver... The problem is that once I realise that It's time to go out, I need to get one organised and organised quickly.. This is never easy. Most of my friends think I'm crackers for going wandering on the hills rather than finding a good watering hole, and those who appreciate the scenery tend to have those sorts of calenders that are never empty, or just conflict with each other.
Maybe I should just go It alone? Maybe not... Being cut off from people just isn't the same unless I take others with me to share the solitute.. I know, That's a bit f*cked up, but that's just me. I've always been a bit of a social animal.
So... Where should I go. I fancy a change this year. Somewhere higher than i've been before..
I suppose I'm gonna have to learn those pronunciations.....