Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Big News!

Hi all.. There's Quite a bit to cover in this post, so I'm just briefly cover as much as I can.
I guess I'll start with the biggest news. I'm gonna be a daddy again :). Only this time It appears that I'm gonna be a father of Identical Twins!...
So of course I'm excited and we're nesting right now..
This has of course had an impact on "the walk" and I guess I'll roll it back at least a year.. or two.
I just can't get out at the moment, every time I get some free time, something breaks or I have to sort something out. It's frustrating - and not just for me. I've promised to take my boy camping and for the last 3 weekends, something has always come up.
I'm gonna be (hopefully) entering the 'relay for life' again this year, sometime mid July.
I still haven't had chance to try my new tent
My Jeanius jeans are still a top piece of kit, even if they've only got wet in rain in the town, not on the hill.
I've smashed up the old shed and dumped it in a skip (not as small a job as it sounds - It was full of old junk).
I'm worried about this Swine/Mexican Flu.. I was freaked by a video about the plague when I was a kid and stuff like this always scares me... I was tempted to stock up and cans of beans, water etc on the way home from work, but thankfully managed to overide the feeling. Though Ironicaly I notice, at this very moment that i'm drinking Corona! I'm gonna presume the alcohol can take care of any nasties, that and it'll have been brewed a while ago, before this all started (It's that or I won't sleep)..

Umm, I think that's it for now... catch you soon, T.