Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fuelling your passion is not always cheap.

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

I’m sat here posting from my back garden, Sat under a tarp I’d put up for the girls.. Its gloriously warm under here, shady with a very slight breeze, my wife doing a tapestry beside me as I type.

It’s also unusually quiet as my little boy is staying with his grandparents for a couple of days and the Girls are napping after running round in the garden all morning.

When it’s like this, I often end up daydreaming about the next adventure. I’ve got several lined up in my head, but turning them into a reality is always the complicated part. Finding somewhere to camp is complicated as ideally I’d want to wildcamp, but  wild sites are always scarce In the Peaks or Dales. It’s easier in Wales or the Lakes, but they are a bit far away to make it financially viable when I’m selling the idea to the senior accounts manager..

It usually goes something like:

Me: So, it’ll cost me £8 for food, £5 for a bottle of wine and £9 for the site. I’ll also need £15 for the pub (If I'm gonna pay to stay on a site, there’s always a pub.. Winking smile).

Wife (It’s Shani BTW): Ok, so you’re telling me you need a bit less than £30? what about Fags?

Me: Oh, Yeah… I’ll need 2 packs obviously (If I only take enough, I always run out).

Shani: And petrol?


This is where things start to go awry. If I’m going to Edale, sharing a car, the cost is only a few quid. If we’re using buses and trains, the cost rises some.

When things are further afield and we go in a friend’s car, which is a diesel. Then it’s still manageable. Split 3 ways it’s not much different to visiting the peaks by public transport. However, if we take my car, which is old, automatic and thirsty, things become expensive quickly. As an example, a round trip from my house to Wast Water would be about £75… That’s if I drive carefully, make no detours and don’t use the car while I’m there. Add that to the costs above and for one night it’s £100. Making the most of the expense and staying away two nights would be about £125.. Try telling the wife that you’re ditching her for two nights and it’s going to cost that much - It’s not an enjoyable experience.


One of the best night’s camping, was the wild camp last year, because of the way it panned out. It also cost me virtually nothing. My Dad dropped us off and picked us up because there was nowhere discrete (and safe) to leave the car. Being my dad, he didn’t even charge us for fuel (thanks again Dad). As was no site fee and no pub, the whole thing cost less than £20. It was a rambunctious night, full of stories, food and wine.

What do I suggest? Go do it…Now… I mean it… Pack up your stuff, raid your piggy bank, Take those hours work owes you. Stop finding reasons not to go. Stop feeling guilty about doing things for yourself and make you a priority for once.

As the old adage goes, the hills will always be there.

But you and me? Our time is more precious…